VBS Music

VBS Music

Mystery Island – 2022

Unsearchable – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/TpCoXZNb_QY
Unsearchable – Song Video https://youtu.be/FWAlq3yxYcA

Great is the Lord – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/r20uU2GGqPs
Great is the Lord – Song Video https://youtu.be/rzB-eYaHGlE

Holy – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/Ff33ae6CdIo
Holy – Song Video https://youtu.be/SxOtrMaoF-4

Is Anything Too Hard for Me? – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/BeLGGTeNerI
Is Anything Too Hard for Me? – Song Video https://youtu.be/JRHyCCz1uU4

Christ Died for Us – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/DSh8U3VLSPg
Christ Died for Us – Song Video https://youtu.be/FlmvV6Z_VMI

Trust – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/-L25PXRZIdQ
Trust – Song Video https://youtu.be/pNq-ilEQdw0

You O Lord – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/VWWv7bw1dRk
You O Lord – Song Video https://youtu.be/gEV_0s3HqlE

Not Ashamed – Hand Motions https://youtu.be/n7rdgWIPZ4I
Not Ashamed – Song Video https://youtu.be/FjLRcY1wy5g