Junior High School Ministry


At Disciples Church, we believe that we exist to glorify God through lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Jr. High School Youth Ministry leadership team is dedicated to the idea that we are a supplement and an encouragement to the family unit. Our goal is to partner with parents as they take on the main role of discipling their students. We want to see the lives of our families transformed in amazing ways by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are three main ways in which we do this.

  • Partnering with Parents: We want to know our youth families well. We strive to communicate well so that we know how to best support each individual family. God has ordained that the parent(s) be the ones to teach and raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord as seen in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and Ephesians 6:4. What our purpose is as youth ministry leaders is to partner with the parent(s). We want to come alongside them as they do this important, God-given command. Our goal is to come alongside parents to support them as they disciple their students. Whether it is by spending time learning and teaching, praying, or meeting for a meal, we want to come alongside each family in a way that encourages and compliments the parent’s leadership efforts in the home.
  • Mentorship: We want to be intentional leaders with the students. We want to encourage the students, engage them, and help them mature. We want to pray for them often. We want the students to be able to come to us with questions, issues, and hurts. We also want the parents to come to us with issues that they are experiencing with their students. We do all of this by assigning students to youth leaders. These leaders will pray for the students intentionally, take them to lunch, get time with them either individually or with their group, and get time with the family.
  • Events: We enjoy providing family-friendly events, Jr. High School only events, gender specific events, and all-youth events. We also provide a monthly Youth Night gathering where we enjoy food, fellowship, fun, and a lesson. We do these events frequently throughout the year. Other events we may do can include fishing trips, beach trips, youth hang outs with the leaders, and many more activities. We encourage parents to be involved in every aspect of our youth ministry as we strive to grow healthy families for the glory of God!


At Disciples Church, we have two services on Sundays; our first service is at 9 am and our second service is at 11 am.  We strongly encourage families to attend the 9 am church service together to enjoy the gathering of the saints in corporate worship, as we believe that praying together, singing together, and sitting together under the preaching of the Word helps to strengthen and unify the family. For this reason, there is no youth ministry during the 9 am service.

During the 11 am service, students who attended the 9 am service and heard the sermon will be able to join us as we meet for youth groups in the Family Building. We start our time off with about 15 minutes of student fellowship. Then we move into a time of singing which is led by some of our students. After we sing, we split into two groups which are Jr. High School Boys and Jr. High School Girls. These two groups are led by our youth leaders to discuss the sermon from the 9 am service, to discuss life with the students, to discuss their walk with Christ, and to pray. 

If you’re wondering what you could be doing during the 11 am service, don’t worry; we have many ways to get you plugged in with one of our ministry teams to serve. Just come and see us and we will help.


On Wednesdays from 6-8 pm, Jr. High School students join the adults in the Worship Building for the Midweek Gathering and lecture. There is a 15-minute time in the beginning for the students to fellowship with one another, followed by a teaching through The Word of Truth Catechism by one of the men on our teaching team. After the lecture, students break up into gender-specific groups for their own separate study time with their intentional group leaders. Again, the focus is on building a strong faith that will stick with your children as they transition into adulthood.


Currently, we do summer camp every year. We also do winter camp every other year. . We do an average of three fundraisers per year to raise money to send the students to camp. Camps are a great way for the students to disconnect from the world and get time away with intentional leaders to study the word together, have fun, and enjoy God’s creation.


If you have any questions, please contact Justin Ader at [email protected].