Love Others

Being “missional” simply means being outward and others-focused with the goal of expressing and sharing the love of Christ. Jesus told His followers not to remove themselves from the world and create an isolated Christian sub-culture. Rather, He taught His followers to be engaged with people in the world (John 17:15). The church was not created for itself, but it was created to worship God, disciple the saints, and spread His love to others.

Therefore, at Disciples Church we don’t have a specific “missions department” that does this missional work on behalf of the church body. Instead, we believe every person in the church is to be on mission. Jesus clearly told the church to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20), and the early church was clearly instructed to go out into the local city, region, country, and world to be a witness of Him (Acts 1:8).

We realize that many times, our ideas and efforts to love those outside Disciples Church are held up by a lack of funding. Therefore, we have created the Love Others Fund. It is designed to be used to financially support missional efforts by church family members to serve and love others in our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that as a result of these efforts, we will see compassion, salvation, and restoration taking place in peoples’ lives throughout our city.

So, if you are a member of Disciples Church, we encourage you to pursue this call to be missional and to love others in our community in creative and practical ways. If you have an idea and are interested in applying for resources from the Love Others Fund, please contact the Administration Office at 661.393.8210 or send an email to [email protected].  We will send you more information and an application for your idea/project/outreach.