Junior High School Ministry


At Disciples Church we believe that we exist to glorify God through lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our youth ministry is dedicated to the idea that we are a supplement and an encouragement to the family unit.  Our goal is to come alongside parents as they take on the main role of discipling their children.  We want to see the lives of our families transformed in amazing ways by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are 3 main ways in which we do this.

  1. Walking with our families:  We want to know our families well: their strengths, their weakness, their gifts, and their hurts.   We strive to communicate well so that we know how best to support each individual family.  Whether it is spending time learning/teaching, praying, or meeting for a meal, we want to come alongside each family in a way that encourages and compliments the parent’s leadership efforts in the home.
  2. Training:  We live in world of information overload with 24 hour a day access to all types of media and so called entertainment.  We long to equip families with information and tools to help them exchange the overload for some quality family time!  We work hard to support your parenting efforts by providing you with sound resources, counseling, and classes that are an encouragement not only for parents but the whole family.
  3. Events:  We enjoy providing family friendly events as well as student only events (parents are always welcome) that are focused more by age group.  We encourage parents to be involved in every aspect of our youth ministry as we strive to grow healthy families for the glory of God!


We have two services each Sunday, our first service is at 9 am and our second service is at 11 am.  We strongly encourage families to attend the 9 am church service together to enjoy the gathering of the saints in corporate worship as we believe that praying together, singing together, and learning together all help to strengthen and unify the family.

During the second service, Junior High School students move to the youth room in the Disciples Church Administration Building for worship, fun and games, and a Bible study.  We do not want this youth service to replace your time as a family in church so we strongly encourage you to attend first service as a family and then let the youth join us for our Bible study!  And parents, if you’re wondering what you could be doing during this second service, we have many ways to get you plugged in with one of our service teams.  Visit the Get Connected Counter on Sundays or talk with one of our Ministry Leaders.


Junior High School students meet on Wednesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Youth Room.  Students on Wednesday nights will be studying in gender specific small groups (guys with guys and girls with girls) the same catechism that’s being taught in our Midweek Gathering. This again is with the purpose of unifying the teachings and helping the natural flow of conversation and discipleship between parents and their children.


We recognize that students will vary in their maturity in their walk with God.  With this in mind, specific students who are ready will be given the option to participate in our special mentoring program.  This additional part of our youth ministry includes one on one mentorship, leadership training and responsibilities, and service within the church and or community.


We have fun monthly events designed for the whole family and we do an average of 4 camps a year: winter, summer, fall (family camp!), and an Easter missions trip.  If you have any questions, please contact Steven Obert at so@discipleschurch.com or call 661.393.8210.