About The Plan


We have selected a bible reading plan that is organized and helps you keep track of your New Testament reading over the course of a year. It is a simple and effective way to hold fast to God’s word. The plan involves reading one chapter a day, five days a week, and has 2 unassigned days provided each week to catch up if you have missed any days and for further meditation and study on scripture you’ve read.

The plan can be tracked through this website or by email.  To have the plan emailed to you, please click HERE.  We’ve formatted this webpage specifically for mobile browsers, so please do not hesitate to use your Android  Phone and/or iPhone to view the daily reading.

We’ve also added the ability to comment and/or ask questions about the daily reading.  Feel free to start a conversation about what you’re reading, you can leave a message on the post by clicking the ‘comment’ button at the top of a post.

This plan’s layout can be tracked on a guide we have created; we have paper copies available at the church office, or you may download it by clicking HERE.

Plan Credit: Project 345

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